Find your passion and run with it! Get driven.......

You see nurses transition to ICU, ER from med-surg floor. the empowerment is there. New nurses now its their turn to grow- become charge nurse, precept new nurses participate in skin care committee-do something you like-find your passion, what you think that will make you feel like college, exams, doing 12 hour shifts worth it!

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It’s good to disconnect from phone , wifii and even tv. Rest the eyes, reset and energize Talk to someone without looking at the phone Listen and have that conversation. It will mean a lot to everyone

Sometimes I reflect on my day and think what keeps me going thriving everyday ? love satisfaction enjoy every moment with coworkers friends and loved ones there is a silver lining - don’t look too ha

Feels we are back there again. Let’s be safe stay healthy and take care of one another. And then we will smile laugh again! Soon!